In order to meet the needs of a sharply rising world population, it has become integral to undertake practices that meet society’s current food needs, without compromising on future generations’ requirements.

Sustainable agricultural practices not only protect the environment, they also expand the Earth’s natural resource base, and maintain and improve soil fertility, thus significantly helping tackle any impending future food scarcity issues. The community that partakes in this initiative is growing.
This community is one we are a part of. We, the Farmex family, have taken on the mantle to guarantee high quality, farm fresh produce, grown locally within urban spaces – making it just a stone’s throw away from you. Our focus is on providing you with produce that eventually contributes to healthier communities across the world.

Fresh. Urban. Local.

Uns is committed to providing you with farm fresh fruits and vegetables that are homegrown in an urban setup. At Uns, our harvests include a wide variety of crops ranging from leafy to micro greens, herbs to fresh fodder, strawberry to mushrooms among others.

We have carefully chosen to grow the finest ingredients that are used by chefs – at hotels, restaurants as well as homes – to add taste, artistry and creative flair to your culinary spread.

Our offerings include a range of head lettuce as well as pre-mixed salads such as Healthy Mix, Spicy Mix, Baby Kale Mix, Gourmet Mix among others, that are ready to go.

What’s in it for you?


A nutrient rich water solution along with a climate-controlled environment ensures that the produce gets everything it needs to ensure maximum quality.


Hydroponics facilitates self-reliability. Despite UAE’s arid environment, wide ranging produce with varied requirements can be grown locally and get transported immediately. Local production means harvests go through significantly lower “food miles”, with freshness intact.


Since nutrients are passed through water, and environments are controlled to be produce-conducive, growing hydroponically allows all-year round growth, regardless of seasons. So you can enjoy non-native produce even during off-season.



By planting crops close to home and within a limited time period, the harvest gets from seed to store and farm to fork immediately, therefore keeping freshness intact.


With the required nutrients intact, fresh harvest ensured and quality guaranteed, you can be sure of a health locked consumption when it comes to our produce.


The system optimizes use of water, light, space and nutrients – making it a more viable, and longer lasting farming method. Hydroponics ensures maximum yield, even as it uses fewer quantities of resources – therefore saving more than wasting, eventually conserving nature and securing the future of the world.

The Uns Promise

We, at Uns, hope to make the brand synonymous with quality, freshness, taste and speedy reach. Our vision is to supply premium quality produce to HORECA (hotels, restaurants and cafes), along with airlines, hospitals, schools, supermarkets and hypermarkets. Our mission is to positively impact healthy consumption habits and create a self-sufficient food system in the UAE, while helping offset carbon footprints and be environmentally-responsible.

At Uns, our commitment ties both the environment as well as the community in a single thread. The idea is to create natural, healthy and safe food options that can be produced with optimal resources. With 90% water saved, 1/4th land used and no-chemicals adopted, we can ensure your food is in safe hands.

We epitomize the environmental policy of Reduce. Reuse. Recycle - Reduced land and water resources, reused slabs that hold plants and recycled water and nutrients, thus safeguarding your family’s healthy & bright future.

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